ROCK it HOT fitness-YOGA.

Yoga is complete system promoting physical, mental and spiritual health through focused exercise, breathing and meditation.

What is Ha Tha yoga?
The word yoga in the Sanskrit language means to UNION.
The word Ha Tha in the Sanskrit language means Sun and Moon, male/female or Opposites.
Through yoga we unify and bring together into balance the opposites.
The external self with internal self.
The gross body with the invisible breath.
The material body with the spiritual body.
The male & female energies with in us. Yoga improves health.
Yoga is preventive medicine.
Yoga slows down the aging process.
Yoga makes the various systems of the bodywork more efficiently. Standing postures brings strength, balance and energy to the muscular and respiratory system.
Inverted postures stimulates the internal organs, the nervous system and the endocrine system.
Forward bending postures lengthens the muscles, helps with elimination, relaxes & calms the body and helps circulation.
Backward bending postures invigorates the nervous system, strengthens the respiratory system and build strength.
Twisting postures aids digestion and elimination, loosens back muscles and skeletal system.
Meditation is active process of encouraging stillness in the mind. A few minutes of meditation can drastically improve our ability to cope with everyday life and help us develop an awareness of our inner self.

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